Friday, January 29, 2010

Kickboxer In Training

Man my little one likes to kick :) It's so amazing every time I feel it. I can't wait til the kicks get stronger. Well, as long as he stays away from my cervix. Those are none too comfortable. This is another reason I am convinced it is a boy cuz a girl would know never to kick mommy there. Lol. I feel it a lot more than I expected to already. I'll just be sittin there and kick, kick, kick. I love it! I've even felt it twice now on the outside. I definitely didn't expect to feel that this early but I did start feeling the kicks in general pretty early. I don't think the nurse practitioner believed that I was feeling it already but it isn't her body now is it? Not to mention they always say, every pregnancy is different. I think it's because I am just so in tune with my body. 3 years of TTC will do that to you I guess. She didn't really seem to believe that I knew when I was ovulating either. I think we all know I was right on that one. I guess I'm just put off by the fact that they all talk to me like I don't know squat about pregnancy. I know I don't know everything, but I definitely read as much as I can so I am at least aware of what is going to be going on with my body. I know there are plenty of girls who get knocked up and don't know anything and don't bother to try to educate themselves, but it took me this long to get here and I think I read most of this stuff before I even got pregnant. I'm just going more in depth now. Ugh, oh well.

Everything else is going quite well. John is getting settled into his new unit. They made him Squad Leader which is what he's wanted for a bit. Only bad thing so far is he's due to deploy to Afghanistan in November. Our baby will only be 4 months old and he'll miss a year of our baby's life from that point on :( I just wish he didn't have to go. Especially since they said he wasn't going to be going for a while. Ugh. This is all stupid Obama's fault.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

16 Weeks 2 Days

Monday, January 18, 2010


Wow, I've been busy. We just moved allll the way from Fairbanks, Alaska to Ft. Polk, Louisiana. And we drove lol. It wasn't TOO bad, especially once we hit civilization haha. John's dad helped us and drove the U-Haul and then we drove back up to Buffalo in one straight shot. 22 hours in a car while pregnant=not so fun. Very hard to get comfortable in a cramped back seat that's filled with stuff but we did it and now we are finally settling into our new house here on post. We like it here so far. It's nice and warm and the people we've met so far are friendly and it gave us a nice opportunity to buy all our furniture finally. We got a new couch and loveseat, new washer and dryer (front loaders), new bedroom set, and a new kitchen table. Next is a new Dyson vacuum and a new microwave and we are all set!

But onto the baby stuff. :)

I'm 15 weeks today (YAY!) and I believe I have been feeling the baby move. We listen to his* heartbeat way more than we probably should but it's just so cool to hear the little heartbeat and all his little movements.

I'm showing more (as you can see in my 14 week 2 day pic) and it's getting to the point that I'm noticing people looking like, is she oddly fat, or pregnant? I can't wait til I am REALLY big lol.

I make my doctor's appointment tomorrow and hopefully I'll get another ultrasound!!

That's all for now.

*I say his, him and he cuz that's what I say I'm having lol. We have not, and will not, find out til the baby's born what we are having.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I Got My Doppler Today

AND WE HEARD THE HEARTBEAT!!!!!!! I found it instantly and it was awesome!!!! It was such a relief since nothing really has been going on with pregnancy symptoms. Oh, except I itch everywhere!! Back, tummy, boobs, EVERYTHING. Lotion isn't even really helping. But anyway, I'm officially in the second trimester, we have a strong heartbeat (160bpm) and I'm feeling good. I just can't wait to feel the baby move!!! We could hear it on the doppler and it was super cool but still can't feel it yet. I think. I might have felt the baby do a flip but I'm not totally sure. Only time will tell...