Tuesday, November 17, 2009

On A Happier Note

May I present OUR BABY!!!!!!!

The bright spot to the left of the point of the arrow is the heart.

This Is The Last Time I Will Acknowledge You

First off, let me just say that as everyone knows, I do not have herpes. And yes, Kerry has herpes as she has stated, but NO ONE IS PERFECT. Things happen that maybe we want to change, but since we can't, there is no point in feeling sorry for ourselves. I'm sure you all have friends that have done something regretful that they can't take back and can't change. So what.

Maybe I didn't make myself clear the first million times I said it. I do not care that you post anonymously. It shows the type of people you are. I'm not "freaking out" over it. You are the ones freaking out and getting defensive because I called you out on it. Besides, it's not like I don't know who you are and even if I didn't, it doesn't matter because none of you are worth anything to me. To put it bluntly you all make me sad for the human race. To sit here and have to show my blog to someone a year after it happened is pathetic. You even said it yourself, why are we even here? Well, why are you? What you all have gained by this is nothing but a little entertainment. How boring are your lives? If you say that is not the reason, you are lying. Why else would you fell the need to comment? Or was it because you guys were sitting around stoned and decided oh wouldn't it be funny...which still makes you no less pathetic. Time to grow up and stop smoking weed, at least one of you has children. That's not very responsible.

And J, why do you think whacko is insulting to me? Maybe if I had a mental issue it would be but since I don't it just sounds silly.

And for the "invite me to your crib"comment. Nice ghetto slang first off and like I've said before, I did it because I know that nothing would have come of it. I don't care who knows where I live. What would she have done? Nothing. Maybe don't act tough and say things like it's unfortunate that we live in the same city and then puss out when someone rises to the challenge if you will. And please, let's leave the kids out of this. Mines not even born yet for christ sake. And I'm sorry you feel sorry for my baby but what I say or do prior to being pregnant has nothing to do with what I would say or do after my baby is born.

And just because Army wives talk and Ambie knows about Amanda taking out her Mirena does not make her a stalker or sick. Would she still be as gross if Amanda was on the pill. No, she wouldn't. Big deal who is on what birth control and how they know. Just because it's happens to be in her uterus doesn't make her a pervert or something for knowing that. Grow up.

Also, I like how "OPOF" says that in 9 months she will gladly give me her e-mail to send my address. What took you so long? I certainly wasn't pregnant when I extended the invitation to you the first time. Again, it shows that you are all talk so you're 'I have no interest in hurting an unborn child' comment is not needed. You wouldn't do anything before so stop using my pregnancy as your excuse. Besides, as I'm sure you know, I won't even be in this piece of shit state anymore at that time. Sorry to disappoint you. I wanna know why you feel the need to get your panties in a twist and wanna threaten me like that anyway. Someone need anger management?

"She didn't even show me this bullshit site for months...she doesn't even give a shit about it" Hmm, if she doesn't give a shit, why did she show you and why do you all keep responding? Someone who doesn't give a shit wouldn't even still have this link let alone show it to other people, especially a year after the fact.

All the rest of it is between Ambie and you guys and Kerry and you guys. You can all sort it out how you feel fit but this is the last I want to see about this on my blog. You came out of nowhere to comment on a subject that has been forgotten attacking me for no reason. You must be very bored with your life to have to do that. I hope you feel more accomplished and more like a tough guy that you can anonymously comment someone you don't know.

Now, might I remind you that this was my blog to write about what I want to.
Lots of people do and if you need to continue this, make your own blogs and you can bitch about whatever you want to bitch about.

Oh, and about that TV, keep it. I have a much better TV. You must be too poor to buy your own.

P.S. Hope Amanda didn't charge you for it since she STOLE IT from me.


Monday, November 16, 2009

Let's Stop Beating A Dead Horse Ok?

Lately this blog has gotten quite off track. What started as a blog to take out my frustrations of life and infertility has turned into a high school drama script.

A subject that was long since dead has been brought up again by a friend of the subject. There was no reason for this. I know that the subject and I still have our issues (due to the fact that she "lost" some of my things) but this doesn't mean she should give my blog link to a friend to have HER start with me almost a year later anonymously. (And I'M the childish one) And it doesn't stop there because I've had a total of 4 people commenting on here that I don't know who are obviously friends of the subject (although I don't know about the person from Maryland).

So ladies, if you don't mind, I'd like to get back to what my blog is really about. I'd like to celebrate my pregnancy. If Amanda has a problem still, tell her to contact me. She can contact me on myspace, facebook, or by phone if she wants. If she doesn't have a problem anymore, then let it go and if you feel the need to comment further, is my e-mail address, you can contact me there.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hey One Pissed Off Friend

I see you visited my blog that you hate so much again today. Funny, for all your talk, I still haven't received your e-mail address so that I can send you my home address. Like I said before, all talk, no action.

Have a nice day!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

First Doctor's Appointment Was A Little Disappointing.

Well no ultrasound. :( Not too upset by that cuz it's still very early but I am a bit angry that she didn't do a blood test. Just a pee test. I could've just given her one of the 9 I'd already taken. I would have been happy to know what my levels were though. Not to mention I've had 3 chemical pregnancies so she SHOULD have tested my levels to see if they are rising properly. All she did was tell me to stay on the Metformin til week 18 (I think) and that I will have an ultrasound on the 16th. I CANNOT WAIT!!!! We should even be able to see the heartbeat by then :) So far it's gone by pretty quick. It's already almost Friday so time seems to be going fast. I've taken some more tests since then and the line just keeps gettin darker :) It's basically just to ease my mind. Plus it's more fun to take them when 2 lines show rather than just one lol.

So far the symptoms have been really mild. Oddly, most of my nausea was right after ovulation and right after we found out. Right now I'm just cramping lightly (which is a wonderful reminder that Bean is growing nicely) and my boobs are killin me and gettin bigger and heavier, frequently going to the bathroom and I am very tired but I am loving every minute of this. Maybe I'll get lucky and never get morning sickness more than just nausea. I'd really enjoy not puking but if it happens, it happens.

Man, I can't wait til the 16th!!!