Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Doctor, I Love You.

So far. He put me on METFORMIN!!!! Funny thing is I wasn't even going to the doctor pertaining to fertility. I ended up in the ER because my heart was racing and with the family history, my husband was concerned and thought I should go. So I went and the first thing they do is hook me up for an EKG cuz, as the nurse said, she wanted to 'see if my heart is really racing'. I looked at her thinking, I think I know damn well when my heart is racing but ok, do it up. Sure enough, my heartbeat was at 136 to which she says, 'I guess your heart really is racing'.


So they ask me all kinds of questions about family history and if my legs hurt and if I've had any numbness or pain anywhere. I told them chest pains come sometimes and my fingers on my left hand tingle. My diagnosis for that? Carpal Tunnel. Awesome. So they gave me a wrist brace.


They decide to take some blood from me. Well as it turns out, I am pretty dehydrated so on top of blood work, I need an IV too. So they try to find a vein and it ain't goin so well. I told them I have a good one on the side of my wrist and to give that a try. The nurse tries and he must have missed the vein cuz pretty much nothing came out. (Might I just add that OW that is not a fun spot to get stuck with a needle). So they keep trying. Two guys couldn't find it and at this point I'm like, hey guys, I can just go home and chug some water, but apparently that's not the way to do things. So, a chick nurse comes in and gets one in my left hand much to the relief of me cuz they dudes were talkin of doin a femoral IV or one in my foot. Ick. They give me one bag of IV fluid and after many hours, I am sent home with a wrist brace and a doctor's appointment. Also, an appointment for an ECG.

So I go to my doctor's appointment and my doctor is asking me the same questions the people at the ER asked me and then he asks if my cycles are always this irregular. I was like, uh, yeah, I have PCOS. So he then asks if anyone has ever mentioned Metformin to me. I told him that my last doctor wouldn't put me on it cuz they have protocols to follow and blah blah blah. He didn't seem too pleased with that and he told me I am giving you a prescription for Metformin today. (YES!) He also decided to do blood work to check my hormones again to see where I'm at. (double YES!)

So I have to go back next month for a follow up and I have an appointment Monday for an ECG (he says he hears a murmur when I'm lying down but not when I'm sitting up) and I guess I find out the results of my hormone test when I go back.

I can't tell you how beyond happy I am that I got put on these pills! Well, except for the nausea and the bathroom issues, I'm happy. Hopefully this is what I need to get pregnant.

Friday, August 7, 2009

New Car

We just got a new car the other day. It's an 09 Cobalt. We had to get rid of our Jeep due to the fact that it was takin a shit. The driver side window's regulator has been broken since July of last year, it sat all winter and needed an oil change BAD, and the transmission was on it's way out. Book value of it was only $2800 but due to all the scratches and everything wrong with it we only got $400 dollars for it. I'm thinkin we kinda got screwed on buying it. It was used and it's an 01 but we paid $10,000 for it only 2 years ago. Eh, oh well. At least now we have a safe, reliable, NEW car that I know will make it across the country no problem. Plus it has On-Star and XM radio. Only thing we have to get used to is there are no power windows or locks.

P.S. My hubby comes home in less than a month!