Friday, July 24, 2009


So I'm lame and take all those quizzes on facebook. I especially make a note to take them when they pertain to babies and such. It seems everyone I take I get multiples as my result and I've noticed they also say I will have them in December of 2010. Hmmmm. Is this a coincidence or is someone trying to tell me something? It's nice to think about and it's totally possible. We PCS to Ft. Polk (John is re-enlisting for those that don't know) in November and we get there by January. If I start aggressively doing fertility treatments when we get there, this is a total possibility.


You think by now I'd stop trying to get my hopes up.

Especially with stupid facebook quizzes.

Still it's nice to dream...

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th Of July!!!!!!

I really hate when people bitch and moan about this country and yet continue to live here. If you don't like our military, maybe you'll like the military in some other country. Go enjoy civil wars in Ethiopia. If you don't like capitalism, go enjoy communism in North Korea, or Cuba. (Cuz North Korea isn't all about war and bombing the shit out of us). Seriously, people need to educate themselves about world affairs. Yes, were arrogant at times and yes there is a good number of us that are overweight, But you know what? We earned that. We aren't having any civil wars that are causing our children to starve (like in some third world countries). Also, I'm pretty sure there is no genocide going on in this country like in Africa. Better yet, why don't you go live in Iraq where if you played soccer and you didn't win you'd be tortured or killed. Of course this was during Saddam's rule, ya know, BEFORE our military men and women (including my husband might I add) got there. But we're the bad guys in the world right?

Seriously, if you think you hate this country, go research other countries. You say we're obsessed with war and National Security, well why don't you just go see what other countries are obsessed with war and National security. (And nuclear weapons).

Am I saying our country is perfect? Am I saying we don't need to change some of our laws to better our country? Hell no. But I am proud to live here and proud of the freedoms I have and I realize that NONE OF THIS came for free!

Jenn Martek.