Monday, August 25, 2008

I Hate Flying

Seriously. I hate it even more when you get stuck next to a larger person. I don't mean fat though, just...larger. Now let's be honest, most people are larger than me, but, just because you're bigger than me does not mean you get to hog the armrest. I'd like a place to rest my arm as much as the next person, but, I usually find myself moving my arm to accommodate the other person. (This is mainly due to the fact that I hate to be touched in any way by strangers. Ew.) My point is, they are always the armrest hoggers. Are their arms that much more heavy that they can't possibly keep from resting them? My arms get tired too. Worst is when you do move your arm to accommodate them and they move into your space. Ok, I get it, you need the damn armrest, but, do you also need so much room that I am pushed into a corner? No, sir, you don't. I think I'm just perturbed because I tried to stand my ground and not let him have it. I put my arm there while he went to the bathroom. He returned, I stayed put. He sat and put his meaty gross arm on mine. I folded. Yuk. Damn OCD. I hope on my next flight* I get sat next to a more petite person. Or a girl. They seem more likely to cave when it comes to armrests.

*I originally wrote this while sitting on the plane next to Hoggy McArmrest. My next flight I sat next to two old ladies from Buffalo. We took turns with the armrest.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

I Have An Issue

I find that I refer to anyone's baby as the little one. Why do I do that? I think I have an idea. Maybe I'm trying not to look at the baby as real or something. I know he/she is there, but I guess if I don't identify with him/her, it doesn't hurt as much. I find it incredibly hard to compliment people on their babies. I practically choke on the words as they're coming out. I know I'm just wishing it was me that had a baby but I just can't help it. I'm thinking this will be this way for a while (i.e. when I have my own baby) so please, don't be angry with me if I don't compliment your baby, or if i pretend like you're not pregnant. I notice, it just kills.

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